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51:49 - Alle Macht geht vom Volke aus. An exhibition at the ZKM, with "Quantum mirror" by Florian Grond, Lasse Scherffig and Hans H. Diebner. 04.06.-03.10.2005.

Einstein on the Beach. Opera by Philip Glass und Robert Wilson, in the Parochialkirche Berlin from July 24 to August 5, 2005. Directed by Berthold Schneider. With Liquid Perceptron by Hans H. Diebner und Sven Sahle.

Reality Show. Vom Wissen, Meinen und Erzählen. An exhibition. March 12 - May 22, 2005 in the Forum Schlossplatz, Aarau. With installations by ZKM | Basic Research.

SOL (2004). The project Sol deals with the transformation of scientific data into media that many areas of science have hardly used. To be specific, solar data is converted into acoustic and visual form with emphasis being placed on a clear relationship between the data and what is seen and heard.

El Inventor de Historias, complejidad, código, lenguaje. Instalación multimedia y laboratorio abierto. With interactive installations by Florian Grond and Sebastian Fischer, produced at the ZKM-Institute of Basic Research.
7. Festival de videoarte. Conferencias y Exposiciones. Lima, Peru, July 10-26, 2003. Jueves 10 de julio, 7.30 pm (hasta el sábado 26 de julio) Inauguración de la instalación "Perceptrón Líquido" de Hans Diebner (Alemania). Lugar: Centro de la Fotografía Galería El Ojo Ajeno.
Banquet - Metabolism and Communication. ZKM Karlsruhe, May 15 - August 24, 2003. With Algorithmic Echolocation by Ramon Guardans, Adolf Mathias, Martin Schüttler, Matthias Gommel, Götz Dipper and Renata Sas.
Iconoclash. ZKM Karlsruhe 2002. With c-variations by Adolf Mathias and Sven Sahle.
Im Buchstabenfeld - Die Zukunft der Literatur Steirischer Herbst, Neue Galerie, Graz, 6.10. - 25.11.2001. With Lacanian Bottle by Adolf Mathias. A text editor on a Klein bottle with navigation features. A contribution for the catalog to the installation: Inge Hinterwaldner, Adolf Mathias und Hans H. Diebner: The Lacan bottle (in German), In: Peter Weibel (Hrsg.), Im Buchstabenfeld - Die Zukunft der Literatur, Literaturverlag Droschl, Graz 2001.
Vision: Image and Perception. International exhibition, symposium, screening series, net.project, publications Budapest Autumn Festival- Mucsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest - C3 18 October - 17 November 2002. With Liquid Perceptron by Sven Sahle and Hans H. Diebner.
Cibervision. I Festival International De Arte, Ciencia y Tecnologia - Dinamicas Fluidas. Madrid 2002. With Liquid Perceptron by Sven Sahle and Hans H. Diebner/a>.
Einstein on the Beach. Opera by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson, in the Staatsbank Französische Strasse, Berlin from 22 to 31 August 2001. With Liquid Perceptron by Sven Sahle and Hans H. Diebner.
Liquid Perceptron - Gallery K&S, Berlin. Feb 2 - March 10, 2001, Gallery K&S, Berlin. With Liquid Perceptron 2D by Sven Sahle and Hans H. Diebner.
Auge : Experiment. From Feb 4 - March 12, 2000 in Klagenfurt, Austria, with Chaotic Itinerancy - A chaotic Itinerancy by Sven Sahle, Peter Weibel and Hans H. Diebner