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Media Installations

Quantum Mirror (2005). By Florian Grond, Lasse Scherffig, Hans H. Diebner. A metaphoric encounter with the counterintuitive spooky world of quantum mechanics.

SOL (2004). Audio-visual installation by Florian Grond, Frank Halbig, Jesper Munk Jensen and Thorbjørn Lausten.

EyeVisionBot (2003-2004). By Lasse Scherffig, Hans H. Diebner, and Sebastian Fischer. Image retrieval from databases and the internet with the aid of eye tracking and adaptive algorithms. "EyeVisionBot" shall be understood as an experimental interface to capture and analyse preconscious perception, too. Therewith, the search and classification behavior is to be investigated eventually in order to optimize the adaptation to the needs of the user. Since September 2004 in the ZKM | Media Museum.
KI-Arena (2004). By Hans H. Diebner, Rudi Hinterwaldner, Florian Grond. ZKM | Media Museum since September 2004.
Liquid Perceptron 3 D (2003). By Hans H. Diebner. This installation is an advanced version of the two-dimensional "Liquid Perceptron 2D" developed by Sven Sahle and Hans H. Diebner in 2000.

Algorithmic Echolocation (2003). By Ramon Guardans, Adolf Mathias, Martin Schüttler, Matthias Gommel, Götz Dipper and Renata Sas. Information on the installation (pdf, 200k) Presented in: Banquet - Metabolism and Communication. ZKM, May 15 - August 24, 2003.

c-variations (2002). By Adolf Mathias and Sven Sahle. A special relativity installation.

Lacan Bottle (2001). By Adolf Mathias. A text editor on a Klein bottle with navigation features. Presented in "Steirischer Herbst", Neue Galerie, Graz, 6.10. - 25.11.2001. Confer: Inge Hinterwaldner, Adolf Mathias und Hans H. Diebner: The Lacan bottle (in German), In: Peter Weibel (Ed.), Im Buchstabenfeld - Die Zukunft der Literatur, Literaturverlag Droschl, Graz 2001.

Liquid Perceptron 2D (2000). By Sven Sahle and Hans H. Diebner. Simulation of a neuronal network which is excitable by the live video of the observer.

Micro Relativity (2000). By Hans H. Diebner and Sven Sahle. A video-computer installation using the live video of the observer to be warped in a way that it metaphorically mimics the quantum mechanics uncertainty on a macroscopic scale.
Chaotic Itinerancy (2000). By Sven Sahle, Peter Weibel and Hans H. Diebner. An interactive computer installation. A reversible simulation of a Mini-Universe with "Reset" and "Return" button.