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Space Time Physics, Transfinite Mathematics and Computer Art - Schedule

Date: Saturday, October 11, 2003. 10:00 h - ca 19:00 h

Venue: Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe





10:00 Peter Weibel, Hans Diebner Welcome
10:15 Walter Greiner
>University of Frankfurt, Germany
Vacuum, Matter and Antimatter
11:00 Werner Martienssen
>University of Frankfurt, Germany
Chaos and Order in the Physical World
11:45 Mohamed ElNaschie
>Cambridge University, UK


14:30 Garnet Ord
>Ryerson University Toronto, Canada
Bohr, Bohm and Entwinded Paths
15:15 David Finkelstein
>School of Physics at Georgia Tech, USA
Qunivaq: The Universe as Quantum Computer
16:00 Tomasz Kapitaniak
>University of Lodz, Poland
Chaos Synchronization and Hyperchaos

Coffee Break

17:00 Otto Rössler
>University of Tübingen, Germany
Diffusion Model of Hubble's Law
17:45 Hans Diebner
>ZKM, Karlsruhe
Indistinguishability vs Transfinite Accuracy?
18:15 Peter Weibel
>ZKM, Karlsruhe
Neuro- or Quantum Cinema: A Contribution to Digital Philosophy
During the whole day in front of the lecture room Adolf Mathias and Sven Sahle
>ZKM, Karlsruhe and EML, Heidelberg
c variations. A relativistic media installation.
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