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Sven Sahle

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Scientific employee), Physiker (Physicist).

November 1999 - Juni 2002.

Jetzt European Media Lab, Heidelberg

Sound tracks

These are the sound tracks to an article by Gerold Baier and Sven Sahle in the proceedings of the symposium Sciences of the Interface

They are also included on an audio CD in the book as tracks 2 to 5. Here they are presented as .mp3-Files.

Track 2: The rhythm of a single chaotic rossler system

Track 3: Two of those systems independent from each other

Track 4: Two rossler systems diffussively coupled in a phase locked chaotic state

Track 5: Experimental data from a biochemical reaction

Hier sind einige .wav-Files mit aus chaotischen Attraktoren erzeugten Rhythmen:

Schraubenchaos synchron

3x Spiralchaos
3x Spiralchaos + 1x Schraubenchaos
Experimentelle Daten
Experimentelle Daten 2